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Editions La Chouette d'Or

DRAWING N°6 of a series of 8 bronze prints of the famous Golden Owl®

DRAWING N°6 of a series of 8 bronze prints of the famous Golden Owl®

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Created in 1993 by Michel BECKER. The N°1 print has been buried for almost thirty years somewhere in France and has still not been discovered. The day it is, the person who discovers it will be able to exchange it for the original Golden Owl®.
Print No. 2 is in the possession of Michel BECKER and will soon be on display at the Chouette d'Or® museum in Rochefort-sur-Mer inside the Lingot d'Art®.
These first two prints made in 1993 are in their raw foundry state and have not received any particular patina.
The prints proposed here, numbered 3 to 8, will complete the authentic series of the initial model and will be made with the same moulds as the previous ones. They will then be reworked and chiselled by the artist and will receive a golden patina.
It remains possible for the purchaser of a print to choose another specific patina, which can be specified after the purchase.
Prints will be accompanied by a light coloured limestone base but any base can be made to the buyer's taste. An estimate and a complementary invoice will be established for any specific order.
Printing made to order by Michel BECKER, shipping time is approximately 40 days.
We are here to answer all your questions and to satisfy any specific request.

Note: the photographs illustrating the ad are from print #2.


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